President – Mike Wild

Vice President – Iolanda Russell and Ralph Russell

Chairperson  – Phil Grant

Vice Chairperson – John Johnstone

Treasurer – Colin Philp

Secretary – Sarah Martin 

Sites Secretary – Phil Grant

 Rep to Region – Louise Johnstone

Deputy Rep to Region – Sarah Martin

PRO – James Cook

   Regalia Officer – Ralph Russel

Newsletter Editor – Maxine Campbell

Youth Leaders – Christopher Johnstone & Sarah Ronson

Assistant Youth Leaders – Terry & Gail Carter, Jamie Little, Lauren Abrahams, Ryan Martin, Heather Carter, Euan Johnstone

Junior Youth Leaders – James & Lesley Cook

Assistant Junior Youth Leaders – Johnnie & Karen Alexander

Webmaster – Euan Johnstone

Committee Member – Gordon Bell


3 thoughts on “Officials

  1. Hi I cannot remember if I booked a pitch for Cairnmill in November.
    Can you ask Phil if I am on the attendance list

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